Friday, August 07, 2015

Postcards from Kłodzko!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Kłodzko is an old town in the southwest part of Poland.  The town welcomes you with its old architectures, pastel coloured buildings...narrow streets....pretty little old bridge like that of Prague and old Gothic churches. 

When we headed to this place, I don't know what to see nor to expect. I don't know why, but I always like to surprise myself without researching nor getting to know the place prior to travelling. I think it is better that way. So, you won't feel disappointed nor overwhelmed. First impression last! you know!*wink

Alright, It was a super hot day...drove in between valleys and landscapes. It was an amazing journey despite the summer heat though.

We went first to Kłodzko's old fortress or Twierdza Kłodzko in Polish. It is one of the unique attraction in the area.  I have been to many forts in the past, however I wasn't expecting that Kłodzko's fortress is like as big as the town itself.. It's occupies probably half of the town. It is situated on a hilly side overlooking the whole city. The beauty of the whole city is like that of the aerial view in the picture above, and  you can see the aerial view of the neighboring towns as well. It's surreal! For i like  such view. 

Our group were guided by a friendly tourist guide around the fortress who only speaks Polish. sorry! Can you imagine me trying to listen as if I understand everything? especially I'm the type of person who likes to really learn and know something  new about a place or something...  seriously, I'm having hard time understanding every single words the guides wants to explain.I couldn't walk out of the tour though.  Good that there are English explanations on its walls of the buildings at least for me not to look ignorant.  Maybe there are English guides too..that I never tried to ask. 

You will be guided too when you go around the underground labyrinth of like 4km. long too. The labyrinth tour is something not for the claustrophobic and weak at heart. Although it is very interesting underneath and a bit creepy. 

view of the bastion

with the tour guide in full costume

the narrowest tunnel I've been with

our tour guide

Gggghhhooooosttt!!! NO! that's our tour guide.

This fortress is one of the biggest stronghold in this part of Polish lower Silesian region.

 We did enjoy the whole experience though, we end up starving like a hungry lion. The advantage is that, inside there's a small restaurant and a cafeteria where they can serve you homecooked meals for an affordable price of like 3zloty per weigh.   I'm content with the foods. Still steamingly hot and all tasty. Enough to feed my not so big appetite tummy. 

There's a minimal price when you want to have a tour inside with guides and another price if you want to go around the underground labyrinth.  you can check the prices here : Klodzko Fortress 

More pictures here of Kłodzko city center here........

City hall - Pretty architecture isn't it?

river under charles bridge

Charles bridge

Kłodzko is also named the ''little Prague'' due to its gothic bridge - "Charles bridge'' though smaller version and resembles of that of Prague. The town is considered one of the important commercial and tourist area in this part of the region.

I like this small city. I can walk around the city by foot, and enjoy the warm atmosphere of people.  Surely the city is worth visiting for. I've learned a bit more of Polish history and how important this place to the Poles especially visiting the fortress is worth the experience - unforgettable! when you have to crawl in a very narrow tunnel that is too dark. That's something I never tried before and I can't imagine how the  Polish soldiers that time suffer much  living in a tunnel for some months or even years.

I would surely recommend you to visit the area. A day tour is enough before exploring the neighboring town. 

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