Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Postcards from Kudowa-Zdrój

Wednesday, August 05, 2015
We went for two weeks summer holidays at the Lower Silesian Region of Poland - Dolny Śląsk. It's my first time to visit this part of Poland. The only city I frequent of going is Crakow. This year we want something new, I want to see other part of Poland. I've heard a lot of campaigns of Dolny Śląsk - Lower Silesian Region, but never got the chance to really visit the area. This year, I know I needed to take our routes to this place. 

Let me start with this interesting yet fascinating place for me.....Kaplica Czaszek - Skull Chapel. You read it right..skull. A chapel all decorated with skulls..from cross to walls up to ceiling. 

I've read about Kaplica Czaszek- Kodowa Czermna  which means Skull Chapel located in a small village near the small town of Kudowa-Zdrój. You may have heard of Skull Chapels in Paris,  Rome and in Czech Republic. This skull chapel in Poland is one of the remaining and well preserved skull chapels all over the world.  The chapel is built by a Czech priest. Most of the bones and skulls in this chapel are from the mass grave of people who died during the 30 years war and as well as people who died of cholera epidemics, influenza, syphillis and hunger.

The picture below is the exterior of the chapel. I don't have pictures of the chapel inside due to the fact that they strictly phohibits taking pictures inside the chapel. Inside the chapel are well designed skulls from walls to ceiling, and at the basement of this chapel  are 20,000 more or less skulls of different people too.

I find it so creepy and too dark feeling for me inside. Not that I'm afraid of skulls and bones of dead ones, but knowing how they died that time. And, if you are a person who is quite emotional like me or claustrophobic, then this place isn't for you.

Kaplica Czaszek - Skull Chapel

The photo above is a small cementery and graves of mostly Germans, priests and Polish died during the war.
If you look at Polish history this area of Poland used to be part of Germany.

you can read more about the Kaplica Czaczek here : Wikipedia  

There's an entrance fee to view the chapel inside. You may check the website HERE. I suggest you go there a bit early for when it is tourist season, the parking area tends to get crowded with a minimal fee per hour, and you have to line up a bit longer as well for they limit the number of people who can go tourist usually can view by batches.

Alright, let me chill you a bit, and allow me to take your mind to......

The enchanting Błędne Skały - Table mountains in Kudowa-Zdrój !

It was my daughter's dream to be in this place because of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian. This is one of the place where they shoot the movie, and my daughter is dying to be in this place. It was days before her birthday so we needed to surprise her. Indeed, she was so happy and enchanted as if she was one of the princess. Silly little girl. 

Oh yeah, the place is amazing. How the rocks formed into magnificently into different shapes, and how it balances to be match with each other. We went on a 4 km labyrinth around this rock formations. I was quite afraid for my children for they might not able to take the long walk and going around the rocks, but I was wrong. They were having soo much fun and they enjoyed the long walk around the labyrint..getting into the tiny pathways just enough for your body to fit in.

chicken feet formation

ship like formation

Euphoric view after the long walk.
the beauty above the mountains

Kudowa-Zdrój is a spa town. It's a small town near Kłodzko, Poland. But I like the coziness of this place. Manicured trees, serene and pretty green parks, old architectures and there's something about small towns that really magnetized my persona.

fashion and bikes, why not!

I sent this photo to my pharmacist friend, and asked her how it feels if her pharmacy is as old as this pretty architecture..and she answered: I would surely love to go to work everyday.

old Hotel Polonia


I like the idea of an umbrella flower pots. why not, right?

Of course, they've got water fountain everywhere.

well trimmed garden

and, a bit creppy little corner.

There's a lot of attractions in this small towns, just that we were there for only a day tour and went back to the place where we are staying.  I know I'm going to go back to this place.not soon, someday and for sure I'm going to stay long in this place, and explore more of Kudowa-Zdrój.

Until next post of my summer series aroud Dolny Śląsk - Lower Silesia Region of Poland.
I will talk about Kłodzko, Poland next....
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