Friday, March 18, 2016

Figuring it out

Friday, March 18, 2016
Krakow, Poland - A tourist trying to find balance / trying to take a  perfect photo of Wawel Castle

February and March has been about finding balance.
February has been about focusing and putting back my energies on. I need to focus on one thing at a time, I can't get things done not unless I focus in it and baffle it down. Sometimes it comes under pressure. 

The past two months has been definitely an experience in the sense that I am figuring it out. I'm in the process of trying to put myself back on track. ( like blogging for writing is always sort of an outlet - my way of expressing). And doing things I been wanting to do for the very long time is kind of exciting. It's roughly like 3 years, I set aside a certain project that I been wanting to do but never trying to push or focus myself on it. I been out of the radar. This time I am excited to do it all again for I know it would be an awesome platform for me that can add more spice into my life. Aside from working as an English teacher here is kind of crazy and still trying to find a momentum with that, I'm also trying to find balance between my personal life for that would keep me sane if you just probably know me personally,  and as you can read here sometimes.

Lately, it has been quite a whirlwind kind of emotions in the personal life department. Yet, we managed to at last moved to a new space and spent a very low key 10 years wedding anniversary in an intimate family dinner. We opted not to celebrate with a lot of people, although it would have been awesome, just because I want to realign my personal life again without the noise of other people around us. It has been great, still working on it. Living in with other people for 10 years in a house has been a struggle. I think you know what i mean. And being able to move away from everyone only just our little family is really pretty awesome. I found freedom and peace within. I don't want to feel weird or personal or emotional about it. By just having our own space now is absolutely wonderful! 

March is about to end and this time I would like to say, I am having peace with myself and I am ready to face what's ahead of me/us.

It's still beginning of a lot of things. I can't wait to see them happening. I am excited to share them all to you here to see them happened. To put them into realization. hopefully by the beginning of April - spring time. There's a lot of wonderful bunch of talented people out there that I tried my best to get inspiration of and I just have to try my way to put my spin on it because one thing I'm sure  why I am living in this world is not only to do things over and over again. but to try and I want something new - a creative outlet to put back myself on track. That artist in me. And experiencing a lot of emotions the past months awakens and pushes me back to the limelight. Not only waiting but doing something. I'm trying to be hard to myself sometimes and feel different. I know it is not good although sometimes I need to. we need to. still I am thankful for everything.

I need to go and get back to work.....

Thank you for being here.

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