Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Penpals : I'm into this Oh-So Happy Mail Kids !

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

With the modern/instant world of connecting people easily because of the internet. From emailing, chatting just to connect at once with everyone, with anyone in the world, at anytime of  the day, that makes me decide to let my children experience how it is to write to someone not using the modern word of gadgets, the internet like the social media. By letting them experience writing a friend through sending it by post - snail mail

I grew up having a pen pal and writing  regularly and more often to people in the other side of the world especially when I am so involved in a group of Philatelist - who loves to collect stamps. I owned a lot of stamps and I still have them back home. There is something about stamps for me then that really exciting and interesting. Some cost a lot and some really has greater value when it comes to history.

 Anyways, my children don't know how penpal writing works. I explained to them how it works before and it will still do work now. They got super excited especially the thought of going to the post office and sending it by themselves. Good thing though, a very close friend of mine who is now living in the USA is also up to the idea of snail mailing or letting our children write each other. 

I am a fan of fat mum slim blog especially when she announced on one of her post that she's going to run a  Oh-So Happy mail not only for mums but for kids as well. It seems though that every time I signed up to look for a penpal for my kids I am not lucky enough to get to the cut-off. So me and my friend decided to just let our children exchange mails. 

The picture above is the first Easter cards my children received. They were so happy , and so excited to send their reply with lots...lots...lots... of drawings. They're so cute! I'm telling you, my children really works hard for their first letter to reach America.  I hope they will get the idea, the lessons we wanted them to impart in their mind. To have that patience and connecting people isn't  just about a click of a finger. That there is more authenticity and honesty when you send a letter or a card to the person with your own handwriting for that is giving and sharing the real part of who you are.

Until now, I still do write to close friends and family. I still prefer this kind of thing than the social applications we have on our mobile phones. Call me old school by heart, but I still really am in some ways especially teaching my children still good old values.

How about you, are you up to this idea of happy mail especially for the kids? 

Have a wonderful day folks!


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