Friday, May 26, 2017

How my children surprise me this Mother's day

Friday, May 26, 2017

Today is Mother's day in Poland. Dzień Matki as they call it in Polish. Every 26th of May is celebrated here. Why every 26th of May? you can read it here.
 Back in my country, it is celebrated every second Sunday of May. At first, I thought it is also celebrated the same day here. In Poland, It is always different.

I have to be honest,  I never knew the importance of this occasion not until I became a mum. Although, we always appreciate my mum and other mothers in the family every mother's day, but the impact of this is different now that I am also a mother.

Surprise attack:

Today, my children wakes me up early morning with my favourite breakfast all ready for me. My oatmeal and my favourite Vietnamese coffee. I'm wondering how they all managed to prepare all these. That got me terrified. Cooking these all in the burner plus preparing my coffee using  my phi filter with that hot!

What an early surprise from my children, Isn't it? Truly, I'm now a mum and they're growing up so fast. I'm wondering what time they woke up? they said before my alarms strikes..that means before 6:00 a.m.?   

* (gushing)

How sweet! hmmm..That's an an effort!

I took a quick snap just to remember this effort they made.

a smiley face? :-)

Sometimes, I am wondering if I deserve all these. I'm so grateful to have them in my life.There's one thing I'm sure of, I made the best decision to be a mother..not just a mother, but for being a mother in all sense of the words for these two sweetest children. 

It is true that motherhood has a tendency to make us away from our relationships with our friends and sometimes from our partners. Having our children, they are the reason that we need to bond together more as family. Relationships with friends will follow, just have to find time. 
Being a mother is hardwork. There is no pay nor raises and much more no holidays. You only get raises from stress and pressure from your children's demands. But having my children, seeing them growing up happy and well mannered, are all worth it.

If you're a mum here in Poland, make time to bond today with your family. After all, this is all about family celebrations. Make moments and store it in your heart.

To all mothers in Poland, Happy Mother's day!  Wszytkiego Najlepszego w dniu Matki! 



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