Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspiring tutorials

Thursday, April 28, 2011
Wonderful tutorials that i would like to try on hopefully this summer.

I love this idea of the skirt especially this summer when your out for vacation. hehehe! saving time and space.

Of course, many of my close friends knows that i am a sucker of accessories especially necklaces & earrings. The chunkier the better for me. My wardrobe would not be complete with a matching accessories. I made my own accessories too. Sad thing though I don't get to make a lot of them here in Poland due to lack of supplies. Back home, i have a jewelry suppliers and cost of materials their is way too cheap than here in Europe. So really dreaming to be back home.
So, this hardware store necklace tutorial of Made by Lex is a wonderful cost saving idea.

Really pretty necklace isn't it?

And of course, the ongoing tutorial at Grosgrain  for her free pattern month is something i am looking forward too everyday. In fact, trying on the first tutorial of Sew Convert, sunny resort blouse pattern today. Hopefully, I could get to finish it tomorrow. 

This crochet detachable collar tutorial of iro iro at Vivat Veritas site is also quite an inspiration for a crochet and collar lover like me. Not only that! the free bag pattern of Nette  is also a pretty thing to do this summer and a nice gift idea to girlfriend's on their special day.  
And of course, the free hand machine embroidery tutorial of Paunnet is something I should not miss doing. I love embroidery and i love to make things with special embroidery on it. So, I am giddy to try this on too.

Today, I am making a dress with a scallop edge inspired by the  scalloped edge tutorial of Vain and Vapid. So far, pretty sewing it fast and hopefully to finish it by tomorrow or before the weekend.

And now, I have to find time at least once a week to do those wonderful inspiring tutorial.  

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