Thursday, April 14, 2011

Online fabric stores in Poland

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Recently, i am an avid follower of this sewing /crafty blogger named LONGTHREAD. She has impressive pretty creations over there at her site, so  no wonder I am in love with her site right away. Another perk for a non polish speaker like me is that, I can understand all her posting for she also interpreted it into english. I

I've been looking for good fabric shops here in Poland for longtime now. That is my number one problem here when I just starting with my sewing hobby...........fabrics........and other sewing materials. The power of internet really do works wonders at this age, just search it online and blog hop from one blogger to another who has the same interest with yours..then voila! you can find anwers to your queries and enjoy still your passion. even if your living in a foreign land. 

So, i inquired from LONGTHREAD where i can possibly buy sort of materials for sewing especially fabrics. She is so kind to answer me back with list of Polish sites where I can possibly buy online.  These are the online fabric shops she told me about........

Other than those, there are also sellers in or But with the two i need to know the polish name of such  materials like the particular name of the fabric. So far, i am settled with those three online shops.
Isn't it great news for me? Now, i am hopping there to find some materials for my projects. 

Wish me luck!
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