Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Look! something flowery

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Look! what my pretty daughter did to to these people :-(

One of their daily activities at home is painting. So one afternoon, they are painting together with her dad, after a while, i just heard them laughing. And so, i found my daughter painting the faces of these people from the magazine. She made some stories behind them like this woman....

I got a bad headache today!  

this man....

How cool is my head? huh!

Sometimes she likes to makes stories to things and with people she saw or watch. She is that imaginative. I hope it will not go wild.

After, she asked me to make something for her. And so we end up with these..............flowery things.

flower headbands for her and some brooch for me too. 

I simply love red..and so as this one <3

Yellow is for my daughter....

thinking of putting both red and yellow together in one headband. I think it's cool. 

Or simply just this one. But i prefer to have this as a brooch for me.

Those are simple things we did with my daughter. I would take a picture of us wearing those flowery things. I can't take pictures of daughter now since she is sick and not in the mood for picture taking. owww! 

Have a blessed holy week everyone!
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