Friday, March 08, 2013

My first fabric designs

Friday, March 08, 2013
I spent the entire evening designing and making fabric prints. 

I've found Spoonflower while searching for fabrics online, and some sewing bloggers mentioned Spoonflower as well. The curious side of me kicks in and so visited the site. Oh well, what a wonderful site to shop for fabrics. All are so adorable! Not only that you can upload your fabric designs or prints but you can sell it as well. 

I made a try for my future sewing projects. Though not as fantastic as the other designers but at least I've tried.

A cat print name Simba the cat, after my friends cat named Simba.

dog paws

Basha bunnies, inspire by my friend's bunny name Basha.

And, i love mustache and so does my little boy. So made up this design to remind me of how handsome a man is with a mustache.

Hopefully, I could order a swatch fabric and sample for this and I'll sell them. 

Happy Friday!
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