Thursday, March 07, 2013


Thursday, March 07, 2013
flower in sprinkler pot, a springtime activity for my daughter at home.


Sounds of the clock tickling. 

Head spinning.

Weather is warmer but rainy.

That is what the day today. How I wish to have such moments & weather at all time.  Spring isn't just a dream. Trees is slowly growing back its leaves.... Tulips poking out...Springtime is around the corner and that the world over here in Polandia would be colourful, wonderful ones again. 

I don't know how to describe my mood today. Sickly....nauseous....blurry! Sneezing here and there. My companion today is a box of tissue paper, a cup of green tea with lemon & honey and book that is a bit interesting to read then I couldn't concentrate. So, I don't know.

Life is mundane in a way but overall, I am happy and content. Life as a part time English teacher here in Poland is quite demanding. I didn't know being a teacher is that tough especially that I am dealing with small children and early teens that needed disciplining on proper classroom behavior. Everytime I step into my classes, I always remind myself to calm down, relax and patience...patience more patience! Oh my! How can I be patient, when with my children I tend to be impatient sometimes. And so, that is how life of a teacher. Being a second parent to this children (students). Quite challenging in someways and yet eats up a lot of energy. 

One time, my daughter asked me, ' Mum, why are you a teacher?'. I answered back with astonishment, ' oh dear! by choice'. Her face looked puzzled with  my answer, but that's the truth. There is no way for me to start a career here as a Psychologist or in the field of Industrial Psychology.  But by being a teacher in English. And hopefully from this, I will get to see the career path I would want take on here. Not the career maybe I had back then. Perhaps, one that is suiting to my likings and passion. Teaching isn't so much of my passion. I always takes the free minded path....more independent ones. Wherein I have the freedom to do things.  I don't know if it is a good way. However, that is where I am happy. The world of arts and crafts is something so ME.

Here, The English language is now a demanding one. Since, I speaks the language (not well maybe), so it's rather an edge for me. An opportunity. so I grabbing the chance! That is what I mean with my daughter 'by choice!'. I chose to be one for their is an opportunity.  With my passion in the field of arts, It is always there. It is a talent within me. I can do it, perform it at anytime and in any phase but of course I need to pursue it!

For now, whatever path I may take as long as I am happy with it, Then I'll have to go for it! The competition market  is tough especially if I your competing it with yourself. So,  rally hard not to loss the bout.

Carpe diem!

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