Friday, May 31, 2013

In that Land of unicorns

Friday, May 31, 2013

We are all dreamers. Aren't we all?

We dreamed of something, somebody...sometimes and knowing one will never come..never come true. 

Dream- is a free thing.  That gives us freedom and be happy for awhile.

It is raining and cold. I'm sitting, staring blankly on the old brick wall... thinking and suddenly I feel pain. Pain for secretly inside it hurts and aching. For I will never deny that I want to be by your side. Mine is a dream that should never come true. Hoping a day there will be a chance to have you in our own real time.

Enough to let things left unspoken. Let time decide and speak for itself.

For today, I'm daydreaming of  that land of unicorns. The land of unicorns, where I'm truly yours and that we all have the time unimaginable. In a world , where there's no apprehensions and doubts.

Reality bites! You couldn't be mine. Maybe in that land of unicorns.

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