Saturday, June 01, 2013

Oh, June!

Saturday, June 01, 2013
Well, well, well.........May is over! 

May is just amazing month for me. I found more life in the most wonderful way. I  found so much inspiration to be happy, more creative, inspired and be more passionate with life. May offers a lot of promising things yet something to hurdle for the coming months.

1. Spring is something really magical for me. It's so rejuvenating and giving me hope, especially witnessing how flowers unfolds its new LIFE.


2. I love to pick some fresh flowers or wildplant after my morning run or during an afternoon walk. I usually decorate it at home. There's just joy putting something natural things right infront of your eyes.

3. My little boy, he isn't a camera fan. Then, I love taking pictures of him right when he's not aware of. So, that's why kind of blurry pic. Still, i love his facial reaction. His one great boy.

4 . This flower/plant always amazes me. May is the month when its buds started with yellow then turns into green. I love the transition of colours.

5 .My little girl, she's amiable in so many ways. She's the sweetest little girl I know. She'll be 6 soon and she wants to throw a tea party. That I need to plan as early as now.

6. Typically me. attempted to capture a shot of myself but failed for isn't clear. Blurry !  what a crap!  I will never do that again. I badly need a tripod. But that's my MAY face.
7. and now it's June! much more I am embracing every moment of it. No looking back. No fears and feel content.

What's instore for me this June? That I don't know. All I know is I'm ready to experience June and can't wait to know what June has for me. Please, be good to me June.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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