Sunday, August 07, 2016

10! A decade of living a Polish-ed life

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Yesterday, I celebrated my 10 years living a Polish-ed life. Yes, a decade of experiences and mixed emotions. Living like the Poles but still feeling like a fool. :-P

The best way to celebrate it is to run in a 10K, but I end up having and sharing a cup of coffee over an exquisite cupcakes at my new found favourite cafeteria in the heart of Bytom, Poland, of course with the wonderful people in my life. 


10 years ago, I packed my life in a single suitcase. Left my country with a heavy heart, yet with no regrets. Leaving behind the people I grew up with. Being here, living like the Poles, adjusting to fit in to the culture not minding the harsh winter (for a tropical woman like me it is harsh and depressing. ), most of all trying to learn the complicated Polish language are just few things that I dared to face, yet really drew me near to myself...who I really am.  

In this part of the world, I've met wonderful true friends and gain respect in the end. I have learned to detoxify my life from abusive toxic friends. To be honest, I have love and hate relationship with Poland, not because of the weather, the language neither the people. But sometimes I feel like I am still stuck somewhere in between. Nonetheless, I love this country for it is a beautiful place, but what makes it more beautiful, its people - the Poles, who accepted me as I am and love me like I am their kind. 

In retrospect, I never knew what I want 10 years ago here. All I know of that time is to build my own family and live life how it should be. What it is now is just something I am happy to tap my shoulder and say, I survived! Having a great faith in my heart that everything will be all right with me in this country is indeed a bonus. 

Actually, I just turned a year older as well  and being here for 10 years, these all I can say: 

I may not be the same individual I was 10 years ago, a month ago or even a week ago. I am always constantly growing. My experiences don't stop here because life does not stop.  I have a constant hunger to learn, to improve, to live. Getting older everyday and where I live is both an opportunity and a priviledge to experience life's amazing goodness. 

Cheers for my 10 years anniversary here in Poland! 

With faith, let's count together for another more decade for me to live a Polish-ed life.



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